Mohiks - Nominated 2018 Best New Indie Artist Featuring Thana Redhawk 2018 NAMA Winner - Best Spoken Word Artist

Written by
Mohiks Eagle's Fire & Thana Redhawk

Produced by Runaway Muzik


Mohiks Eagle’s Fire Two Worlds Ft. Thana RedHawk

Mohiks - Verse 1
Racist neighbors, they actin Like I don’t pay rent
Im in they faces indigenous they hate it
There go the neighborhood, ambition on my face when
I grin, Pupils dilate/ prowl the reservation
Wit a Pyrex vision/ prayin/ my IPhone vibratin
Contemplate sippin champagne Sittin in constellations
oasis in every sale/ chasin unholy grails/
Flip magazine pages/ addicted to retail
court cases/ rock brand name shades/ we more famous
Chasin dragons in circles like dog races
Payin lawyers mortage/ the price of incarceration
hibernate waitin E.O.S./ aura transformation
spark flames, Mohiks feelin intoxicated
Sprit dance like pheonix leave hataz wit charred faces
Fate awakens the sacred/ raise her vibrations
flatlined defibrillated/ eyes wide/ reincarnated

Thana Redhawk - Bridge
Life is a ceremony
We walk in Two Worlds, Physical and Spirit
We are who Creator created us to be
We are more than what the eyes see
As Ancestors DNA, we are the true destiny
Of the future we want to be

Mohiks - Verse 2
Yea they think we got it made so they watch out behavior
Just was Minor league/ Graduated to Major
Started out scrap paper way back in the basement
Creator Elevated the stakes/ I’m skyscrapin
On the ground/ grip towels/ 12 rounds with Goliath
Trial by fire, my pride pissin on hydrants
Burn ya village to the ground/ Canoe Survival
Hope kicking inside you let the Pheonix Revive you
The death threats don’t bother me, we on different topography
Odyssey top floor view like I won the lottery
No chaser/ from the lobby they follow me
Parental advisory/ I’m not modeling modesty
She a rider/ I’ll provide her driver seat
Narragansett Princess still on my psychiatry
Honest speak/ rock heart-on sleeve
Our arteries designer-made/ So our scars accessories

Thana Redhawk - Verse 3
Protection of sacreds, evolution of generations
We are the thoughts we think
We are the thoughts we think, we are the waters we drink
Standing out ground
We found our purpose and path forward
On the good Red Road
Stolen lands are not forgotten in the songs we sing
We dance to honor, we dance to Re-Ember
We bring the seeds of the future ancients
In our prayers, they are born into the realities of the people
Storytellers show us the way
So we do not forget where we came from
For we must not forget know these traditions
So we know where we are going
Earth songs, Heartbeat drums keep the sacred alive
In each and every one of us
Life is a ceremony
As we walk in Two Worlds
Physical and Spirit