"Red, White N' Blue" Release Date...

PUSHED BACK New Album Date:  August 16th, 2018

I've been looking through literally hundreds of beats, and finished what would-be the album, and let's just say I'm a little OCD, but I prefer the term perfectionist.

This album is too important to rush, and you deserve

the best I can possibly give.



From the Rez to the City that Never Sleeps and back again, "Red, White, And Blue" Chronicles the story of one man's journey, walking with a Moccasin on one foot, and a Nike on the other. 

"Red, White, And Blue" reflects the hidden battles within.  Mohiks draws inspiration from his checkered past to Ancient Dance Medicine, and Wisdom from The Elders that shaped the loyalty he has to his tribe. 

On the Production end of "Red, White, And Blue" boundaries are crossed and stereotypes are smashed to pieces. Featuring blends of Traditional Native American Drum, Singing, Flute, haunting melodies, balanced with smooth vocals and silky emotional ballads.   

The album touches on topics ranging from the current living Conditions of people living on Reservations and Racial Stereotypes, to The Epidemic Suicide Rates among Native Youth - From Pine Ridge to Saskatchewan. His own attempted suicide, struggle with dealing with death threats, overcoming his addiction to K-Pans, and his warriors dilemma to remain peaceful while under fire.






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