Getting our Marketing Right

Next week, the 7th Fire is getting gasoline poured on it... 

The online promo campaign is going to be on another level..It's crazy I never thought this was possible.  Honest Speak.  All Social Media, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat,  pick one.  I'm glad that the online presence is getting more attention now.  They are going to see yours truly on the come me, I'm going to be everywhere, and you are coming right along with me.

I was at the Nammy's last year for my Nomination as Best New Indie Artist, and I'm trying to go right back again this year.  

Check out the Remix/Re-Master of "Two Worlds."  My collaboration with Multiple Native American Music Award Winner, and Winner of 2018's NAMA Best Spoken Word Artist, and Best Female Artist Nominee, Thana Redhawk.


Remember, tell your haters keep hatin, they truly are your biggest fans.






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