Everything Is Possible

"Why Are Suicide Rates on The Rez So High?"  - Supaman


Let it be known: Someone who is in pain just can't always give the positivity they arent getting from the world. Check up and be there, it can mean the difference between life and death, luckily I've found and devoted myself to our culture, and music. But we already know the reasons we strive to be the best version of ourselves, remind yourself why you deserve to achieve your goals. reasons for fighting thru and becoming the better you? 

Every day is a new opportunity to start over!  Check out this Video About My Struggle With Suicide, I wanted to give up

----------->Everything Is Possible<-----------

A short video snapshot of perseverance and hope inspired by my life, the journey. Law of physics #1: everything good will be attacked. Law #2: if you keep throwing shit up against a wall, eventually something's gonna stick. 


Ps I hope to people know theres state of emergency in US and Canadian First Nations tribes, due to youth suicide rates on reservations , not to mention suicide is prevalent n every facet of society today. Fortunately the problem is getting attention. There are more programs and focused mental health networks, hopefully many more to come. The music can heal and uplift, give positive reinforcement of strength and value. Reverse the cycle of pain and self hate, elevate your state, envision what your future true potential looks like with crystal clear clarity, then ask yourself what you can do RIGHT NOW in the present to make it happen. 

Faith isn't easy sometimes, sometimes it will be easier, but remember my people, anything is possible... and if anyone says different, then their right. But only about themselves. Get rid of lyiur limiting beliefs. Beware the "dream stealers"and that voice in your head, those are your two most dangerous enemies, they are what will cause pain and doubt to Hold you back, convince you your lifes not worth living. Fight, if you hit the mat, get back up. Hit back, warrior spirit. 
Draw inspiration and confidence from anywhere you can, and guard it closely, because emotion is the most powerful resource. 🐺🦅🔥💙💧 


There is always hope.  God gives miracles

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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