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Providence Fest Video Shoot 

Providence Fest was a big win, it was an honor to dance with The Eastern Medicine Singers, and to perform "Break Through" (Full Song Features Urban Thunder) on the World Stage.  Black Eagle Productions will soon be carrying copies of "Last of The Mohegans," and future shows with Eastern Medicine Singers are in the works.  The rope that we hung The American Indian Movement and Mohegan Flag from on stage is the same rope that I tried to hang myself with this last Christmas.  Just proof that if you keep the faith and work hard, anything is possible.   


The Music Video for "Break Through" featuring Urban Thunder is coming soon.

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Everything Is Possible 

"Why Are Suicide Rates on The Rez So High?"  - Supaman


Let it be known: Someone who is in pain just can't always give the positivity they arent getting from the world. Check up and be there, it can mean the difference between life and death, luckily I've found and devoted myself to our culture, and music. But we already know the reasons we strive to be the best version of ourselves, remind yourself why you deserve to achieve your goals. reasons for fighting thru and becoming the better you? 

Every day is a new opportunity to start over!  Check out this Video About My Struggle With Suicide, I wanted to give up

----------->Everything Is Possible<-----------

A short video snapshot of perseverance and hope inspired by my life, the journey. Law of physics #1: everything good will be attacked. Law #2: if you keep throwing shit up against a wall, eventually something's gonna stick. 


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I hate to admit... 

I hate to admit after Pow Wow Season crashed and burned, and my personal life fell apart..Long story but my own people and the crazy amount of hate out really has held me back from making progress on The Album.  Smh..

To keep you watching... here is a video where I Honor Kenny Merrick Jr. who passed over to the spirit world this year. RIP.