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I am proud to finally be able to share a near finished version of the official "Bad Medicine" music video.  The Editing process is is complicated and I posted on facebook that the video would be available soon to share, so here it is.  This song and video has special meaning for me because of my culture, history, and family members and friends who have passed on or have struggled with the issues that this video sheds light on.  I hope in some way we can spread awareness about them and reach those who are still struggling and let them know or remind them there is help.


Allow me to share part of my story of recovery, hope, perseverance, and the healing power of my culture with you.  “Bad Medicine” is partly a letter with everything I wanted to say to an Native American Exotic Dancer friend of mine, who was dangerously struggling in active addiction.  I knew something needed to reach her on a deep emotional level, so I put everything into this song.  In many Native American communities, alcohol/drug abuse, and lack of mental health support services are very real issues in the lives of our people. There is inadequate support for many people who are in crisis situations.  I believe that our Tribal Native Culture has the power to heal and save people who are lost or suffering without a will or way out. 

I’ve tried suicide, alcohol, drugs, to escape the pain.  There’s hope in our culture, Great Spirit, and I included the Mental Health/Addiction Helpline number at the end of the video because If this song can reach just one person who is struggling and give them hope to get better and get help, then I did what I’m supposed to do. 

Please share this important message to get rid of the stigma of getting help mental health, spread awareness about alcohol and drug abuse, and also to spread the knowledge to everyone, that the Native Culture is healing that you are always wanted and cared for, no matter what.  People who have a past: Come back and have no shame.  White Buffalo Calf Woman has returned and will help show us repair the sacred hoop.


Thank you for your support, I know everyone has been effected in one way or another by addiction and the stigma about getting help for mental health, it doesn't matter how.  So I know this video may resonate and have the ability to help many others.  


If you think you know someone or have someone on your friends list who needs to see this, share it to your wall and tag them. 🦅🙏🏽🖤


  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 114 c woodland drive uncasville
    That's great man ! Wow , super impressed !! Fantastic job !

    That's great man ! Wow , super impressed !! Fantastic job !

    DONNA WILLIAMS Home Florida
    You did an amazing job. Very power and gets the point across.

    You did an amazing job. Very power and gets the point across.

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