Red, White N' Blue

Mohiks Eagle's Fire

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From the Rez to the City that Never Sleeps and back again, "Red, White, And Blue" Chronicles the story of one man's journey, walking with a Moccasin on one foot, and a Nike on the other.

"Red, White, N' Blue" reflects both the real-life struggles we come up against, and hidden battles that are waged in our minds. A checkered past, betrayal, disaster, Untellable pain, Suicide, Loss. An Eastern Warrior's Comeback, Ancient Medicine, Sacred Wisdom, Death Threats, Conspiracies, Prophecy, A Vision to Re-Awaken Mohegan Generations, so The Lone Wolf is not longer the last of The Mohegan Spirit. The Makings Of A Pheonix.

On the Production end, A-List Producers Join Together with Native American Drummers, Singers, Flute Players, and more to bring you into the life of a modern Native American Hustler.

The lyrics cover topics ranging from the have-nots of America and Racial Stereotypes, From Connecticut to Pine Ridge to Saskatchewan to the Big Apple.

A warriors struggle to preserve life while under fire.

Expected release: December 31, 2020

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