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Everything Is Possible 

Why Are Suicide Rates on The Rez So High?  - Supaman



----------->Everything Is Possible<-----------


First off I'd really sppreciate your support by clicking the link below and voting for me Mohiks Eagle Fire for NAMA Best Indie Artist.  Thanks you

Click Here For The Easiest Way to Vote For Mohiks Eagle Fire for the Native American Music Awards

Vote NAMA 2018 Mohiks Eagle Fire - Two Worlds : Best New Indie Artist-Best independent New Artist/Group - 
A short video snapshot of perseverance and hope inspired by my supporters keeep showing love, and my life, the journey. Law of physics #1: everything good will be attacked. Law #2: if you keep throwing shit against a wall, eventually something's gonna stick. 

Let it be known' someone who is in pain can't give the positivity they arent getting from the world. Check up and be there, it can mean the difference between life and death, luckily I've found and devoted myself to our culture, and music. But we already know the reasons we strive to be the best version of ourselves, remind yourself why you deserve to achieve your goals. reasons for fighting thru and becoming the better you? 

Ps I hope to people know theres state of emergency in US and Canadian First NaTions tribes, due to youth suicide rates on reservations , not to mention suicide is prevalent n every facet of society today. Fortunately the problem is getting attention. There are more programs and focused mental health networks, hopefully many more to come. The music can heal and uplift, give positive reinforcement of strength and value. Reverse the cycle of pain and self hate, elevate your state, envision what your future true potential looks like with crystal clear clarity, then ask yourself what you can do RIGHT NOW in the present to make it happen. 

Faith isn't easy sometimes, sometimes it will be easier, but remember my people, anything is possible... and if anyone says different, then their right. But only about themselves. Get rid of lyiur limiting beliefs. Beware the "dream stealers"and that voice in your head, those are your two most dangerous enemies, they are what will cause pain and doubt to Hold you back, convince you your lifes not worth living. Fight, if you hit the mat, get back up. Hit back, warrior spirit. 
Draw inspiration and confidence from anywhere you can, and guard it closely, because emotion is the most powerful resource. 🐺🦅🔥💙💧 

Time to 🔥Vote🔥 4 Nammys ~ Category Best Indie Artist/Best Independent New Artust/Group - Mohiks Eagle Fire - "Two Worlds," featuring multiple NAMMY winner and force of nature...2018' Native American Music Awards *Best Spoken Word* AND *Best Female Artist* Nominee, , Thana Redhawk . 


Vote for Thana Redhawk and Google her, you'll want to hear more trust me. NAMA category Best female artist, and Electric Butterfly under Best Spoken word categoryI {The production is done and she say some truth that can mess with your head, think differently about everything. . #bars 

Right now, I'm on a greyhound to Port Authority for rehearsal. Indigenous Peoples Day should be acknowledged in a good way,. With integrity and respect for the culture, and the sacred within the dance, the purpose. 
Up at 3, back by 10pm if in lucky, but need your help to share and message and speak to anyone who can support where I'm coming from. Sometimes it's not about the one in front of the mic, sometimes its about those who feel that they have no voice, and changing their minds by showing them they matter. 

So if ya dont know now ya know


Pow Wow Season and Personal Troubles have hindered the progress I have made on The Album.

But let me just post this video of a dance I did to Honor Kenny Merrick Jr., who passed over to the spirit world this year. 


"Red, White, And Blue" Release Date 

New Album Date:  August 16th, 2018

I've been looking through literally hundreds of beats, and finished what would-be the album, and let's just say I'm a little OCD, but I prefer the term perfectionist.

This album is too important to rush, and you deserve

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Re-Member Pine Ridge 

Pine Ridge, The Reservation in South Dakota that the Government wants to leave behind 

Aquy everyone, and welcome to the launch my official artist website!  I'm really happy to be able to bring you news and updates about my album, along with behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the album, and exclusive free songs to keep you in-the-loop and up-to-date on everything Mohiks Eagles Fire is doing!

In this video from my youtube channel,

discuss what the main issues that face the people of Pine Ridge today are, some ideas of how to improve things on the reservation, and how I relate to all the people of Pine Ridge, including those I have never met. What are your thoughts on volunteering and helping change the situation on Pine Ridge Reservation? Brainstorm with me in the comments section! 

The Re-Member program facilitates volunteer and relief efforts to Pine Ridge Reservation, visit their website to get involved 

Red, White, and Blue, Mohiks Eagle Fire's upcoming album, is slated for release on the Fourth of July, 2018 

Go to my website!

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